Disappearing Water Features Add Beauty and Mystery
Posted on: 23 August, 2017, by : lianxi

disappearing water featureIf you’re looking to beautify your back yard, adding a water feature of some kind is a great way to go.  People like the look of flowing water and they also tend to find the sound to be soothing.

There are many options for adding a water feature to your yard, as well.  Fountains are quite popular, and you can have a freestanding fountain or, if you’re cramped for space, you can have a wall-mounted fountain that still gives the sound of flowing water in a smaller form factor.

A pond is also nice, and that allows you to add some plants and perhaps even some fish, if you like.  A pond can take up a lot of space, however, and is best suited to larger yards.  That’s also true of a creek, which is a nice feature to have if you happen to have one running through your property.  If you don’t building one is a bit of trouble and potentially a lot of expense.

Still, many people do it, because it looks nice and natural and gives your yard more of an authentic, “back to nature” look.

There’s another option, however, that can give your yard the look of a larger water feature, such as a creek, without having to sacrifice the space.  That is the disappearing water feature.

disappearing water featureA disappearing water feature is one where the water seems to flow from it and then…goes away.  The most common application of a disappearing water feature is a fountain, but it’s one that doesn’t have a collecting pond at the base for water to accumulate.  Usually, with such a fountain, the base of the fountain is rock or gravel, and underneath the fountain is a collecting basin and a recirculating pump.

The water flows from the fountain, perhaps over some rocks or down a small creek, and then disappears into the ground.  Once under the ground, the water collects in a basin, and is pumped back to the top of the fountain, where it can recirculate and flow over the rocks again.

The beauty of a disappearing water feature is that you can have a larger feature in a smaller amount of space.  You can have what appears to be a waterfall, cascading down some rocks, and flowing into a creek that may be only 10-15 feet long.  Most yards, even small ones, are able to support such a feature.

Many landscaping companies can build a disappearing water feature for you and there’s lots of flexibility in terms of what you want and how it can be built.  Many of them can be built in such a way that they appear to be completely natural, though if you want a statue in the middle of your fountain, you probably won’t get that look.

There are also plenty of do it yourself kits available, as well as the parts to simply build one yourself if you are so inclined.  Plans for the do it yourself variety can be found all over the Web.

If you’re short on space but you want to have flowing water in your yard, a disappearing water feature such as a fountain or creek is a great way to go.


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