Garden Fountains

garden fountainDo you have a fountain in your yard or garden?  Lots of people do not, because they think that they are a lot of trouble or are super-expensive.  It’s true that fountains used to be both of those things, especially a few hundred years ago when fountains were something only owned by wealthy people.

Traditionally, you would have to have a fountain custom made for you and you would also have to have custom plumbing put into place.  Digging trenches, putting in cumbersome pipe and hiring very expensive architects is obviously something that few people could afford, then or now.

Today, however, it has become a lot easier to have a fountain in your yard.  Modern fountains are cast from concrete or synthetic materials that resemble stone.  They are available in hundreds of different designs, and you can just pick the one that you like.  There are simple fountains and complex ones, and models that are small enough to fit on a tabletop and fountains that are taller than you are.

You can also find fountains that mount on a wall or fence.  They’re quite attractive despite the fact that they do not take up a lot of space.

You won’t have to worry about plumbing anymore, either.  While you can still purchase old-fashioned fountains that require plumbing, that is actually a rather inefficient way to go about it.  Modern fountains have a reservoir that holds a set amount of water.  They have a pump that circulates the water over and over throughout the system.  They also have filters to keep out dirt and debris.  Smaller models may use batteries, but larger ones can simply plug into any electrical outlet.  You will only have to add more water when the level gets low.

For those who are environmentally conscious, you can also buy fountains that have solar powered pumps.  As long as your yard has access to regular and frequent sunlight, you can get a model that is powered by the sun.  Aside from having to replace the batteries every now and again, you’ll find that these pumps work well for many years.

Maintenance is a lot easier, too.  Most modern fountains are much easier to clean and to store than the gigantic stone fountains of the past.  You can simply put them away in the winter time and give them a gentle cleaning again in the springtime.

If you do not have a yard, you can even buy indoor fountains for the interior of your home.  Small tabletop models are available for people without a lot of space, and larger models are available that can rise to the height of your ceiling.

People are naturally attracted to both the visual beauty and the sound of falling water.  Adding a fountain to your back yard or garden adds a nice, “classy” touch of decor as well as functional beauty.  Modern fountains require little maintenance and are more affordable than ever before.

If you have a garden and you’re looking to add a special certain “something” to it, a fountain might be exactly what you need.