Garden Statues – Classic Decor
Posted on: 16 August, 2017, by : lianxi

garden statueI’ve written a bit about how to make your yard a bit more personable and inviting, and you do that by finding your yard’s good points and accentuating them with decorations, a water feature, or perhaps some furniture.

Another way to add a personal touch to your yard is to add a garden statue or gnome.  These are figurines, usually cast from cement or composite material, that are made to resemble either humans or animals.  They may be painted or they might just be left in their natural color.  A few are made from marble, though that is a rather old-school approach and also a very expensive one.

Garden statues and gnomes used to be something that only the very wealthy could afford, as they had to be sculpted by hand.  Unless you were a patron of the arts, you weren’t likely to be able to afford a statue, and if you were, you likely wouldn’t put it in your yard, where the weather could damage it.

Today, garden statues and gnomes are usually mass produced and cast from affordable materials, making them more affordable than ever.  Gnomes tend to be more popular in Europe than in the United States, where statues seem to be more preferred, but you’re free to buy whatever you think will work best in your yard.

Statues come in a variety of sizes; you can find them in sizes as small as a foot tall and there’s pretty much no limit to how tall they can be, depending on your budget.  Depending on size, your statue can either be the focal point of your yard, or it can be used to accent other decor.  A statue will look great near a fountain or a bench, for example, while gnomes, which tend to be smaller, can often be put in a number of locations throughout your yard.

With statues, less is more, so you don’t want to have a yard full of them.  They tend to draw attention to themselves if you just have one or two.  If you have more, things tend to look a bit crowded.  This is particularly true if you have larger statues.  Smaller ones, like gnomes, can be scattered about as yard accents.

garden gnomeSome yard fountains will come with a statue or a gnome as part of the fountain itself.  If that’s the case, you can find a similar statue or a gnome to be used as an accent for the fountain.

Maintenance for statues and gnomes is fairly minimal.  If you have them on your lawn, you’ll likely have to trim weeds around them every few weeks or move them in order to run the lawn mower over the area where they stand.  You also may need to wash them off with a hose every few weeks, as birds seem to be fond of statues and they tend to leave them a bit dirty.

While not to everyone’s taste, many people find that adding a gnome or two or a statue to their yard adds a bit of class and a bit of beauty to their yard while also making your yard unique.







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